About Me


Hey everybody! My name is Mikaela Clayton (subject to change around april) and I am from Camas, WA. Camas is a little suburb across the Columbia River from Portland, OR. I love everything about Portland, even the freaks that roam the streets. But don’t worry, I am no self-proclaimed hipster.

I am a Communication major with an emphasis in Visual Communication. I’m not too far into the program but have loved every design class I’ve taken so far. I’ve messed around a little bit with photography, taking pictures of my engaged friends for fun and practice, and tried to capture the cuteness of my nieces and nephews whenever I can.

My older sister is a wonderful photographer and everything I know I’ve pretty much learned from her, including editing. Some photoshop skills I acquired in high school during an intro to photography course, and some during Comm 130. Other than that I’ve self taught and started experimenting in LightRoom.

Here are a few past photos I have taken:


IMG_8840IMG_8872 copy