Week 3 Reflection

I really enjoyed this week. I came into it with a high of accomplishing last week and being able to do things (excel spreadsheets) that I didn’t think I was capable of. I’m learning very quickly that things don’t have to be as hard as I make them up to be in my head. I hope I can remember that! Especially with the thought of having to start my own business for this class seemed so overwhelming initially. As we are learning about the thought process that goes into just deciding on a business model and an idea it’s becoming much more plausible.

Learning about all the new aspects of business this week was a lot of fun. I work at a credit union and I help small business owners all the time. Some of them online and some not. This class has helped me gain such an appreciation for how much effort they’ve made just to open that business account. No matter how small or large their business is, it’s no small matter to them. The more I continue in this class the more I can see this being a career for me. My husband and I have always talked about starting a business together and it makes me excited to learn the small steps that goes into it and be talking about the possibilities that it could bring for us.


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