Reverse Engineering – Typography

The purpose of this Reverse Engineering project is to analyze the design aspects of a professionally produced piece focusing specifically on different types of typography and how they work together and contrast. My specific design chosen was an event flyer designed by an Etsy artist by the name of WaltersOnHisWay.


Design by WaltersOnHisWay

Sold on Etsy


Typography 1


The typography circled here is eye-grabbing typography. I would call this a decorative or script typography. These are great when used for large text and to grab someones attention. In this design it’s used very well especially in the word ‘Worship’ because not only does the text itself contrast but the color white against the dark background is great too. It’s used again later in the design for repetition.

Typography 2


The typography used in the main text would be OldStyle. It’s got the serifs and moderate transitions. It’s used in a smaller font because the text is the body of the flyer. It gives details about the focus of the design. Oldstyle is a great body text and in this particular design it contrasts with the first type because of the thickness. At the top of the design its used just over ‘Worship’ and you can see the contrast much better there.

Typography 3


To my eye this seems to be a different text. And although you might think that they look extremely close if it’s the same text then shouldn’t that be obvious? Well no, because obviously the designer meant for this text to stand apart because of it’s importance. It is in all caps which contrast with the second type and the designer does this to separate it from the details text. It’s an important piece to this design and the designer did this very intentionally.


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