Become Someone Else- Design Analysis

The purpose of this Reverse Engineering projects is to analyze the design aspects of a professionally produced piece focusing specifically on color, contrast, proximity, alignment, and repetition. My specific design chosen was a campaign for Mint Vinetu campaign “Become Someone Else”.

reverse engineering photo


Advertising Agency: Love Agency, Vilnius, Lithuania

Creative Director: Tomas Ramanauskas

Art Director: Gediminas Saulis

Copywriter: Tomas Ramanauska




While a lot of this ad is done in grayscale the contrast of the white text against the dark gray background draws the eye to the upper left corner to emphasize the message. The typography here is also contrasting with the grayscale because it appears to be handwritten and more attractive than a formal font type.



As mentioned in the previous analysis the ad is done mostly in gray scale. However, the few bits of color used are purely strategic. The color is used on the subject on the photo to draw the eye into the middle of the design. Then whatever color was used in the middle, is also used in the logo of the company in the lower left corner.



There is much repetition in this campaign. There is of course repetition in the text and positioning of it. Also, all four subjects of each photo are facing the same way and in similar poses. And the coloring in each individual photo is repeated. The logo is also placed in the same spot every time so that the audience knows where to look for the company.



The closeness of the white, handwritten text is close enough to each person in the designs that it tells the audience they are related and that the person in each photo is “becoming someone else” by reading the books. Also, the small, white text above the logo in the bottom corner are close together because it’s telling the audience where to find those books and “pick your hero.”



This advert uses multiple forms of alignment. Each person in the photographs is right aligned, while the whole photo uses rule of thirds. This form of alignment causes the design to have more movement than just center alignment. Because of the text in the upper third portion of the photo the eye goes there first and then continues down to notice what the text is mentioning and then towards the very bottom to understand who the message is coming from.



There were so many campaigns and adverts to be chosen from but I enjoyed this one especially because of the message and how attractive the design was. It had very unique elements like the typography and it was a company I had never heard about but immediately after seeing this campaign I wanted to know more about. As I evaluated each aspect of the advert it was so easy to understand WHY I found the image so attractive. It’s because our eyes and our brains naturally understand these rules and when they’re applied correctly, it’s an image we enjoy viewing. But when those rules aren’t applied as obviously or not followed at all is when we have a hard time understanding the image as much.


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