Week 2 Reflection Journal

This week started off as a challenge for me. I had just come off the high of week 1 (the easy stuff) and I thought “this is great!! I’m staying ahead of things, I haven’t missed anything, and everything has been pretty comprehensible thus far!” I was totally excited for the semester! Remind you, this is my first semester back in school for a year, so I thought I would have more challenges. Well I did. Just not yet. As I was diving into this week’s assignments and looking over so many readings and videos I became quickly overwhelmed. I put off watching those videos and reading the notes until I sat down to do the assignment. Once I started to do those things, my whole mood about this class changed. I read the case stories and how to find the right business model. I was getting excited again! While reading about the business models I was learning so much. They were simple and straightforward readings to do and they helped me complete the assignment in choosing a business model. Further during the week when I was learning about Google AdWords and the excel spreadsheet I doubted myself again simple because Excel isn’t something I’m super comfortable with. The skills and abilities it has is so great but my mind doesn’t think that way so I was a little worried about doing the Competition and Demand assignment. After I watched the videos and started playing around with Excel I had my husband help me with a few things and while it took me a little bit of time, I got it done and did it right ( I think!). This week ended successfully I’d say and I’m excited to keep learning and exploring more aspects of online businesses.


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